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Lions mostly live in Deserts, Scrubs, and Grasslands in mostly Africa (Lion).They also live in Asia, Siberia, Europe, Peru, and India's National Gir Forest (Lion Facts). They usually live in groups of fifteen, but can live in groups of 3 to 40 (Lion). Lions stay in prides, or groups for only a couple of years (Lions). Females however spend their whole lives together (Lions).
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Lions use their four strong legs to move around.Lions can only run, so they can't fly or swim. Lions can approximately run 50 miles per hour ( Hirschmann 14). Lions are really fierce hunters. Their behavior is really fierce and calm though.
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Body Covering

Lions Have really short fur that ranges in color from a pale sandy-tan to a rich yellow-gold to dark chocolate-brown (Bockneck 11). The end of their tail is usually black (Bockneck 11). Lions are very fierce vertebrates. Their fur around their mane is most furry spot on them.Their mane varies from yellow to brown to black (Bockneck 11).
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Lions are big carnivores. They eat antelopes, zebras, wildebeests, giraffes, and buffaloes(Lion). They may also eat hares birds and reptiles (Lion). Lions always go hunting at night, sometimes they sneak into farms, and eat cows (Living With Lions). Lions are never not hungry, whenever they get a chance to eat a prey they go after it until they eat all the meat out of it (Living With Lions).


Lions reproduce sexually. A female lion gives birth to 10 liters, averaging about three to four cubs (African Lion). If the female becomes unlucky and the whole liter dies, she will probably mate again in a few days (African Lion). The cubs however, stay with their for their first two years of survival (African Lion). While they stay with their mother they learn how to hunt starting at the age of eleven months (African Lion).
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Lions adapt to many things. They go out at night to catch their prey. They go out at night because they are most active at night time, and most animals are sleeping, so that they can catch their prey easier (Living With Lions). Lions are used to live anywhere in a grassy area. Lions always cuddle together as they sleep.
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Other Info

  • Lions live 15 years in the wild (African Lion)
  • Lions live 24 years in captivity (African Lion)
  • One lion can take down a buffalo
  • Less than 21,000 lions remain in the wild in Africa
  • Lions can live to 10 to 14 years
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