Career Changing


Considering A Change

I think if I were to go out and get a career it would be cosmetology or nursing. I would like to be a nurse because I think people would always need to be a nurse. I would also like to be a nurse because I like to take good care of people in any way I can. But I don't think I could be a nurse because when I see blood I tend to get sick, when I go into a hospital I also tend to get sick because the smell of hospitalized people makes me sick to my stomach. If I could grow out of that I would go to school for a place in the hospital. Since I haven't grew out of that yet I want to be a hair dresser because I love playing with hair and you could make a good amount of money.

Developing My Plan

If anytime soon I could get over the sight of blood and the smell of hospital I could go to Hanover college and get a 2 year degree, after I'm done with college I want to go work down in Louisville to make good money.

If none of that would work out I would go to college for cosmetology. I'm not sure what college I would go to? I do know I would like to go for 2 years after my 2 years is finished I would then out and find a salon to work for.

Making The Change

If I were to make a change it would be finding a nursing job location closer to home because I live in Scottsburg and if I where to drive all the way to Louisville and back everyday the extra money I would be making would just go into the gas tank so I could get there and back daily. An if I where to change something about being cosmetology career I would have a dreege for hair make-up and nails to make my job fun.

Beginning The New Jorney

Beginning my new Jorney would be finding a location to work and get a full time job close to home and making good money to buy my needs that ill need in my life.