Week at a Glance

Oct. 17-21, 2016

Looking Skyward

I opened up the webpage to start the Week at a Glance and seen this background. I immediately thought of our school and how we are striving to build and mold our students into the best they can be (I look for symbolism everywhere). However at this time of year we find ourselves struggling to stay engaged ourselves. Dr. Gomez sent me a link which talks about "October Blues" and how we can continue to move past this time of year with enthusiasm and come out on the other side energetic and ready to take on the world. I encourage you to take some time for yourself and read the article; it helped me put the school year into perspective and I hope it will help you as well. Click on the following words to access the article: October Blues

Behavior Tours

I found a book to use called Are Pirates Polite? to help with our behavior assemblies. I will be visiting classrooms randomly to read the book and conduct a book talk about expected behaviors on the campus. I encourage each of you to revisit behavior tours and reteach expected behaviors for our campus. When students approach me and say, "Mrs. Bowers, the new student wasn't using our Monster correctly, so we taught them how to use it," I know students are learning the expectations and You are the driving force behind the learning. Whale Done!!

Great Shake Out

On Wednesday, Oct. 19th the district will be participating in the Great Shake Out. We will have a regular earthquake drill; nothing fancy. When directed, students will duck and cover and then exit to the evacuation area. Please refer to the map in your boxes outlining where to assemble. We are only looking to make sure all classrooms are clear and students know where to assemble. Since this is a drill, please make sure all students know and follow the expectations; quiet lines and staying with their class. I'm not much on role playing so no one will be lost or buried under rubble. The drill will last around 15 minutes from start to finish and no need for searching classrooms. I am hoping for a quick and painless drill.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences are scheduled to take place on Oct. 20-21 and 27-28. Kim will be placing the bell schedules in your boxes; the only changes are in the lunch times. Everyone is dismissed at 12:00 each day. If you have any questions, please see me ASAP. Please make every effort to contact 100% of your families in anyway possible whether it is email, phone conference, or in person. What ever it takes to make sure our student's families know how they are progressing. When conducting a conference, remember you are talking about someone's child and that child means the world to their family. If a parent is requesting any kind of testing for their child, please inform them of the SST process and start working with the parent in building the SST paperwork. Unless interventions are in place and the SST procedure is completed, testing will not take place (unless there are unusual circumstances). Please let me know if you have any questions about Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Progress Reports

After all the grade level meetings that have taken place, there are a lot of ideas for progress reports and report cards. Until there is a consensus for each document among the district, you are able to use whatever progress report you would like. We have some in the office or perhaps your team has one they would like to use. What ever works for you and your classroom needs. If you need ideas, see me or Bonnie

Parent Volunteers Needed

If you know of any volunteers who would be willing to work in our Book Fair coming up from Oct. 24-28th please encourage them to call the office and get on our schedule. The book fair is a great way to earn books for our school and classroom libraries. Thank you for any help you can find to make our book fair a success.

Trunk Car Treat

We are excited to have our 2nd annual Trunk Car Treat. As bags of candy are donated, please send them to the office so we can distribute them at the Trunk Car Treat. If you are interested in having your car in the Trunk Car Treat please let me know. Those who participated last year had a great time with our families. This year, Ms. Bonnie (Think Together) is helping out with activities for the kiddos to do as well as the Trunk Car Treating. Parents were extremely grateful for the opportunity to take their children trick or treating in a safe environment. We need about 10-12 cars to make it a lot of fun for the kids.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is Oct. 24-28th. Be on the look out for more information!