A Little Bit Scary

By: Juliet Lau

You may think that Mr. Jelly is a little bit scary, but. . .

  • When he gets home he helps his mom make dinner.
  • He will be nice to you if you are nice to him.
  • He is friendly if you give him a chance.

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Mr.Jelly's Good Deeds

  • He helps people make sandwiches with his jelly.
  • He always gives money for charity.
  • He always cleans up his jelly after him.

Mr.Jelly's Family

He has two brothers ( one older, one younger).The older one's name is Sam. The younger

ones name's is Brad. He has two older sisters. Ones name is Ariana, the other ones name is Sadie. His moms name is Lisa and his dads name is John.