Richmond Enquirer - January 2, 1863

The Confederate States of America is a sovereign body, seceded from the corrupt Union that tried to destroy the Southern economy. Now, that no-good Lincoln is trying to ruin Confederate plantations and he isn't even the president anymore! That's right, believe it! Lincoln released the "Emancipation Proclamation" on January 1st, telling the South that their slaves are free! Who is he to rule a sovereign nation that is not his own?

The North says its a moral obligation to free the slaves, but do not be fooled! Lincoln is no more an abolitionist than president Davis. Lincoln is trying to step on the Southern States' rights to secede and force them to obey by destroying their workforce. He didn't even free the slaves in the border states. This is a direct attack at the Confederacy, not slavery.

Rally for War!

A Message from the Confederate Army: Fighting for YOU!

Grab your guns! Grab your horses! Get a Confederate uniform and join the Fight for Freedom! The Fight for States' Rights! The Fight for the Economy! Join the Army of the Confederacy to fight the outrageous attempts to control our internal affairs! "President" Abraham Lincoln has NO RIGHT to decide what we, a SOVEREIGN body, can or can not do! Let's show him what we WILL DO about that!