John scopes, a science teacher, just out of college had goals of teaching evolution in schools and making an impact on the youth generation. Scopes agreed to being indicted for teaching this concept of evolution with Clarence Darrow defending him.

Clarence Darrow was a radical left celebrity as well as a big defense lawyer. He practices involved using unconventional defenses to win the cases. Darrow had argued religious beliefs with William Jennings during a case and ended up loosing the trial.

William Jennings Bryan was very religious and believed the word of the bible was true and evolution has wrong doing, his opinion was not very popular to the people. He was the only politician that used religious beliefs in his speeches. This was not favorable due to the law of separating religion and state. When called to court it was seen as unlawful. he eventually died 5 days after the trial from natural causes.

The outcome at the end of the trial was originally found guilty. Darrow and the ACLU took the case to supreme court. The conviction of scopes was over turned, but Tennessee kept their anti-revoution law in place.