South vs North

Civil War

Causes Of The Civil War

Economic differences ($$$)
States vs Federal rights
Cultural Differences

Advantages for North

North-Abraham Lincoln, Large army ,Factories ,wealth ,chipping

Disadvantage for North

North- Weak motivation, Not aggressive, Inferiors


North-23 states 22 million people
South-11 states 9 million people 8.5 million slaves

Advantage for South

South- Good general's, Good motivation, Lots of experience

Disadvantage for South

South - Printed paper,money,government


North-2.1 million in the army 178,000
South- 600,000- 1.5 million (estimated)

North President

North President-Abraham Lincoln

South President

South President- Robert E. Lee

General Information

The civil war was a tragedy
millions of people were killed
many died of hunger
North won

Military Leaders

North-Ulyesses s. Grant
South-Jefferson Davis