Spring 2014 Online

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More than any other book in the Bible, Romans carefully lays out and
explains what Christians believe about the human condition, God,
Jesus, salvation, the new life we receive in Christ and how to live it
out in our daily life. You'll find this material rich, rewarding and
at times challenging. But if you dig in and put in the effort you'll
come away not only with a deeper understanding of the Christian faith,
you'll have a stronger relationship with Jesus and be better equipped
for living the life God created for you.

We will be using Dr. David Timms' lectures in our course, but I will
be your instructor and the person you will be interacting with online
throughout the course.

Please begin by downloading and thoroughly reading our Course
Syllabus. Next, please update your Moodle profile and let us know
something about you in the Introductions Forum. When you've finished
these tasks, you'll be ready to start Week 1!

I look forward to all that we will be learning together from the book of Romans.


Paul Lineback