The Plane That Changed The World

Jesse Lockton

Messerschmitt ME 262 1941 the ME 262 was designed by Messerschmitt, the company who made them. After three years of building, the Messerschmitt ME 262 finally flew in 1944. Although it was meant to be a jet powered plane the first test still used piston engines or propellers. This was because the jet was not ready but the plane was. On the first jet flight the ME 262 had a piston engine on the front and two jet engines one on each wing. And it was a good thing two because both jets engines failed and the pilot had to make an emergence landing with the piston engine. The ME 262 was used by Germany till 1945 and then was used be the Czech Republic Air Force in the 50's.

See The Messerschmitt ME 262 In Action

Friday, July 21st 1944 at 12-3pm

Messerschmitt Factory , Augsburg, Germany

This plane is the first jet powered aircraft designed in 1941 by our own Willy Messerschmitt the founder of Messerschmitt. To celebrate the creation of this plane we will hold an air show in the town that Messerschmitt itself is based in.
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