Lesslie Elem.'s Virtual Career Fair

Career Exploration

Have you thought about what you want to be when you grow up?

Hello Families! In the spring time each grade level engages in classroom counseling lessons centered around career development. This year we still want to ensure your child has the opportunity to participate in career exploration and learn about a variety of careers. We've created a Virtual Career Day! Please have fun with your child learning about different careers. This page is filled with different career videos provided by some of our very own community members and others who were gracious enough to participate. There are also fun things such as songs, videos, read alouds, and additional links to access other resources. Enjoy!

*** Please note that the videos were gathered in collaboration with Sunset Park Elementary so some of the speaker may make a direct reference to their school.***

See what other kids want to be! Check out the Video below!

The Occupation Song!

Read Aloud

Here are links to other valuable career resources for career exploration: