Segregated Cemeteries in N.C.

Annie Mae Bolden's story in context

The legacy of Jim Crow south practices

Segregation in Jim Crow South extended beyond lunch counters and water fountains. Vestiges of segregation remain today in places one might not think to look, cemeteries. According to Rhu, Johnson, Griffin 2009, plantation owners like the Alexander family would, buried deceased “slaves” in this corner of their estate known as the Alexander African Burial Ground. The cemetery is now located in the rear of a modern Apartment complex near the intersections of Harris and Tryon Streets in North Charlotte, NC."


More information about segregated cemeteries in North Carolina

Video Visit: African American section, Cherry Hill Cemetery, Greenville NC


Monika Rhue, Tekla Ali Johnson, and Willie Griffin, "African American History Timeline: Charlotte, North Carolina 1700’s -1980."'s%20African%20American%20History%20Timelinex.pdf

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