Tonasket School District

Social Media Challenge Alert

Dear Tonasket School District Families

We are aware of news reports and rumors about Social Media challenges. The 3 am Challenge and Momo Challenge are two disturbing challenges that are referenced in the media. 3 am challenges mainly show different creepy images. The Momo challenge is a character named Momo who reportedly appears on social media sites or pops up in children’s videos on YouTube (including Kids YouTube). Allegedly, the Momo character challenges students to hurt themselves and threatens to harm the child if they tell their parents or do not accept the challenge. Some students are understandably scared about this idea and the image connected with the alleged challenge, which is very visible on the news, social media and websites right now.

These challenges are two very good examples of why being aware of your child's social media and online use is important.

Our administrators, counselors, and Tech department are aware of these concerns and are monitoring their schools.

Student safety is our top priority and we want to share some tips on what you can do.

  • Ask your children if they know about the challenge or if they have ever been challenged by images/videos online to harm themselves and engage in conversations about safe technology use.
  • Children should never respond to unidentified messages on social media and parents should advise their children to never share personal data, photographs or phone numbers on the internet.
  • Consider age appropriateness for children’s use of technology, time spent on social media and overall reminders of family expectations for making good choices. Here are some resources:

Report Concerning Behavior

  • Use our tip line: SafeSchools Alert this system allows you to quickly, easily, and anonymously report safety concerns to school officials 24/7/365.

  • Contact your school's counselor.
    ES Office: 509-486-4933
    MS Office: 509-486-2147
    HS Office: 509-486-2161

  • Okanogan County Behavioral Health (OBHC) 24 hour Crisis Line: 509-826-6191