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In New Jersey you will have a warm climate. You'll have an easier time farming because we have a a longer growing season for crops. We also have fertile soil well suited for crops. You will have a swell time farming.

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New Jersey Founded

In 1665 New Jersey was established. It was founded because Europe wanted to expand trade religions and political freedom. New Jersey is considered one of the middle colonies. Lastly most of New Jersey is lowland along the Atlantic coast.

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More info about New Jersey

  • New Jersey got a new charter in 1702 it is a royal colony now.
  • Royal colony~a colony controlled directly by the english king
  • The area had rich soil which made growing crops like wheat very easy
  • had forests good for shipbuilding
  • Reason for founding trade and profits
  • Some of the jobs Farmers,Tailors,silversmith,and brick makers
  • Farmers can make good money
  • New Jersey was gave away by the Duke to some of his friends it was then renamed New jersey