Quarterly 4J Parent Leaders Meeting

Tuesday, October 25, 2016 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Meeting Focus: Building Capacity in Parent Teacher Organizations

Join us at the District Office Auditorium for the first of four district wide parent leaders meetings. Each meeting will include a 40-minute training topic and a 20-minute information presentation from Superintendent Dr. Gustavo Balderas, Elementary Director Brooke Wagner, and Secondary Director BJ Blake.

At the October meeting, retired educators Josh Reckord and Bill Kentta will share information about how parent involvement impacts student achievement in our schools and provide strategies and resources for maintaining a high level of engagement.


6:30: Intro/Warm Up
6:45: Building Capacity
7:25: Eugene School District 4J Update
7:45: Next Steps
8:00: Adjourn

Reunion trimestral del distrito 4 J para padres de familia que son lideres

Martes, Octubre 25, 2016

De 6:30 PM a 8:00PM

Lugar: 200 Monroe Street Eugene, Oregon

Objectivo de la reunion: Capacitar organizaciones padres de familia y profesores

Por favor asistan a la primera de cuatro reuniones a nivel de todo el distrito para padres de familia lideres que se llevara a cabo en el auditorio de la oficina del distrito.

Cada reunion incluye un entrenamiento de 40 minutos y una presentacion de 20 minutos a cargo del superintendente Dr. Gustavo Balderas, Director de elementaria Brooke Wagner y BJ Blake director de secundaria.

En la reunion de Octubre, Josh Reckord y Bill Kentta que son educadores jubilados, estaran compartiendo informacion acerca de como padres de familia que tienen una participacion activa con la escuela tienen un impacto directo en el rendimiento escolar academico de los estudiantes en nuestras escuelas, ellos tambien proveeran recursos y estrategias para mantener un buen nivel de participacion


6:30 Introduccion

6:45 Desarrollando capacidad

7:25 Actualizamiento del distrito escolar Eugene 4 J

7:45 Proximos pasos

8:00 Despedida

Quarterly 4J Parent Leaders Network Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 6:30-8pm

200 Monroe Street

Eugene, OR

Meetings for the 2016-2017 school year will take place at the District Office Auditorium at 200 North Monroe Street. Take away tools will be provided.

4J Parent Leaders Network

The 4J Parent Leaders Network is an all volunteer organization connecting parent organization leaders for mutual support. We share resources, ideas, and best practices to support the involvement of parents and families in the education of their children.
Please RSVP to Reserve Your Space

Schools are invited to select up to 5 representatives to join us at this meeting. We cap the number to ensure that no school dominates the meeting. Principals are always welcome.