Milford Mill Millers

October 2018

From our AD...

MILLERS! The fall athletic season is in full swing and throughout the month of October, we have some exciting events taking place!

October 15th: NCAA & NAIA National Recruiting Guest Speaker 7:30 PM

October 26th: Homecoming!

Below are the current records and important dates for our in-season teams:

V-Football: 5-0

JV Football: 3-1

Boys' Soccer: 6-0

Girls' Soccer 0-4-1

V- Volleyball: 1-4

JV Volleyball: 4-2

Golf: BCPS Novice Golf Tournament 10/4/18

Cheerleading: BCPS Cheerleading Competition Oct. 30th

We look forward to the fall athletic teams finishing their seasons strong and wish all our teams the best of luck! As always, please let the coaches coach, the players play, and the officials officiate!