chapt11 lesson 2 changes in motion

By: Judy Sanchez

Newtons laws of motin

Newtons 1st law of motion-An object in moton tends to stay in motion ,and in object at rest tends to stay in rest, unless the object is acted upon on outside force.Newtons 2nd law of motion -The accelaration of an object is dependent upon the force acting on the object and the mass of the object.Newtons 3rd law of motion -Every action has an equel and opposite reaction.


MOMENTUM-A baseball has more momentum than a tennisball traveling at the same speed the baseball has more mass .
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Action -Reactin force

Action-reacton forces are described in newtonsthird law of motion:For every action force , there is an equel and opposite reaction force. The bottom there is a example.
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Weightlessness ,the state of being without detectable wieght . However gravity still pulls them toward the center of earths mass .example is on the the bottom . A picture
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