Shepard Staff Updates

September 28, 2018

To Do and Thank You

To Do (New):

1. Kristin, Kate, Erin and Julie are all out for camp/school business a lot next week. Office referrals go to Erin if Kate/Kristin aren't here. Julie can also help with any student management issues - she is great with all of our students!

2. Feel free to send any weekly thank you notes to me - I will add them to the Smore. It is so cool to see all the great things happening at Shepard!

To Do (Rolled over from last week):

1. Look into districtwide goal groups and see if one fits your goal. These are online via google classroom and a great way to connect with other teachers! Find the information here:

Thank You:

1. Coach Cox - way to go giving football tickets to one of our students who needed extra encouragement. This made my heart melt!

2. Julie Lazcano – always sharing the leftover breakfast with us!

3. Sunshine (Ashley and Kylee) – treat cart for teachers today - so fantastic, especially on a Friday!

4. Emily, Emma, Chrissy and Staci helped keep kids safe at arrival (A 5th grader was spotted walking a block ahead of her 1st grade brother, leaving him by Wilson to cross the parking lot driveway alone). Chrissy talked to 5th grade student. Emily and Emma waited with me to be sure she waited for brother. Staci emailed family to be sure they are walking to school safely. This is team work!

5. Thanks to everyone for being prepared for CMIT day yesterday!

6. 5th grade has been working extra hard making sure all the tiny details are ready for camp - Thanks girls!

Upcoming Dates

Week of October 1:

October 1-3: Kristin out at camp

October 2: Kate out at Student Management Meeting in the morning

October 3: Kate out at camp/Kristin out at Feedback Training Session

Week of October 8:

October 8: NO SCHOOL!

October 9: Conference Day

October 10: PDH extra hours until 4:45

October 11: Kate out for New Administrators Meeting

October 12: Documentation due in Edugence

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