Colonial Pennsylvania

An original American Colony

Pennsylvania before it was a successful colony

Pennsylvania was founded in the year 1682 by William Penn. It was the 12th of 13 colonies to be founded. Pennsylvania was founded because William Penn was a Quaker seeking religious refuge from persecution and he wanted to be free to practice his religion.

The naming of the new colony

Pennsylvania was named in honor of William Penn and his family. King Charles owed money to Penn, but instead of money William wanted his payment in a land grant in the New World instead. Penn wanted to name his new land "Sylvania", which means forest in latin, the king wanted to honor the Penn family so he added Penn in front of Sylvania which created Pennsylvania.

Jobs in the colony

This colony was one of the most advertised colonies

People in Pennsylvania

Immigrants mostly came from England, Ireland, Wales, Holland and Germany. Enslaved Africans were brought over mostly by English, Welsh, and Scotch-Irish. Some influential people in this colony were Benjamin Franklin, who created colonial script, William Penn, who was the founder and absolute proprietor of the colony, and John Rush, who established the first college in colonial Pennsylvania.

The one and only Pennsylvania

What's unique about this colony is that Penn made a treaty with the Indian inhabitants of this land, he actually wanted to live peacefully with them. Penn also created this colony for a safe haven for the Quakers. This colony introduced the Pennsylvania Long Rifle to many other colonies, it was recognized for its superiority when in 1776 gunsmiths in virginia, georgia, north carolina, and maryland started duplicating their model.

Big events

The Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787 at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. This granted America its freedom.

A religious colony

Religion played a very large large role in the lives of the pennsylvanians. William Penn created Pennsylvania has a refuge for his fellow Quakers. Penn allowed some religious tolerance. Pennsylvania had the 2nd largest catholic community among the colonies. There was significant jewish population in the colonies as well.


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