Raising money for Visa cards

for cancer patients to use on bus tickets and pharmacy items

Henry Gowen 5K

The Problem I identified was that some people have hard times trying to get to to the hospital for their cancer treatments. These patients need help with items not covered by their insurance companies and they need an easy way to get help. Also some of them can't afford bus tickets. My Father had cancer and so I decided this should be my Think Care Act project.


For my Act part of this project I have mostly been doing chores and I also sent out a flyer to family and friends. The chores I did were shoveling snow, helping my sister out with duties around the house, and breaking ice chunks that the snow removal man missed. For my flyer I wrote a paragraph describing what the problem is and asking to do chores. Once I raised the goal of $200 I went and bought the gift cards and gave them to Penn medicine

Caring for Cancer