PBL 4- War on Drugs

Group members- Cady Guevara, Zoey Armstrong, Ethan Garsee

Driving Question

How can we make a more efficient plan to stop South American drugs from entering East Texas?

By. Cady Guevara

Past Plans

The police fly in a helicopter around neighborhoods every once and a while to see if anyone is growing drugs. There is police, drug dogs,air patrol,and bordor patrol.

By: Ethan Garsee

Our Solution

We think that there should be a drive through detecter on the Texas Border. Also there could be at least two drug dogs in every major airport in Texas. People who drive eighteen wheelers should be required to check their load before taking it. One problem with eighteen wheeler drivers checking their load might be that the driver knows that it is already there. He or she might be the one who put it on there. One good thing about our plan is that The Texas Border Patrol will not have to stop every single car. The cars can just drive through the detecter. We hope that Texas will do our plan because it might help stop drugs. Maybe it will stay working for a long, long time.

By. Whole group


The state of Texas should try our plan because it would stop more people who sell drugs and who cross into East Texas trying to sell drugs.

By. Zoey Armstrong

What I learned...

Cady- I learned that Columbia produces the most drugs. I also learned that Columbia produces the most gold and emeralds.

Ethan- I learned that people are protective of their drugs. They kill for money too.

Zoey- I learned about drugs and how they are smuggled across the border. Also I learned all about other countrys.