About Avi

Avi was born on December 23, 1937 in New York City. His real name is Edward Irving Wortis. Growing up in Brooklyn, he went to a public school. When he went to high school, he wanted to be a designer of airplanes, but he flunked out of the science high school and went to a small private school. There an English teacher insisted that he get help with his writing. That's when he thought, he could be a writer. He started by writing plays, then books. It was when his eldest son Shaun was born, that he started writing books for kids. His first book was published in 1970 and he has been writing ever since then.

My Impression of Avi as a Writer

I think Avi is a very good writer. I think that since he has read so many books in is lifetime, he knows how to write a good book. He has won lots of awards, including the Newbery Award to name one.

Crispin Summary

After the death of their beloved mentor, Bear, Crispin and Troth wander the French countryside, where the don’t speak the language and know no one. They are trying to reach Iceland, but have no directions except that it was “far north” according to Bear. While wandering they come to an abbey where Troth decides to stay and be their infirmarian. Though Crispin is sad about leaving Troth he journeys on, where he finds a group of people. The people were musicians like Crispin and accepted him into their group. That night their servant boy, Owen, warned Crispen that they were murders and thieves. Ignoring Owen’s warning, Crispin decides to trust the group and as they journey to Calais-where they are going to play at the wedding of a rich merchant-he realizes that Owen was right. He realizes this when the come across a merchant and they rob and kill him. Upon seeing this, he planned to escape to Iceland, when they get to Calais. He shares his plan with Owen and he promises Owen that he will take him with him. When they get close to Calais, they get separated and Crispin has the chance to escape, but he decides to go back and save Owen like he promised. After he joins back up with the group, they are led to the merchant's house where they are to play at the wedding. While everyone in the group is about, Crispin sneaks into town and finds a fish seller that has fish from Iceland. He makes a deal to meet outside at the docks the next day at dawn. The next day Crispin grabs Owen and they run toward the gates trying to find a way out. Meanwhile, the group and guards are chasing them. When they can’t find a way out, they go up to the top of the city wall where they dodge arrows and jump off of the wall into a moat. When they get out of the moat, they race toward the boat and hide inside. In the safety of the open water, Crispin and Owen relax. It had been a great journey, and they will remember it, until the end of time.

My Review of the Novel

I really enjoyed this book. It was one of the most intriguing books I have ever read. There were lots of exciting moments. I couldn’t stop reading it once started. I can’t wait to read the other books in the series. I definitely recommend this book to kids my age.