Outdoor Classrooms

Dominica Wilson,Elijah Edwards,Kayla Shermin,Natalie Aranda

We Should Have Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor classrooms is a good thing to have. Kids behavior outside are a lot better than inside.Because of this kids can learn faster and better. Outside kids can learn math and science. In math kids are able to use sticks and make shapes like triangles, squares, and rhombus. Then kids can find the angles of the shapes.In science children observe the nature.Those are some ways that to learn in outdoor classrooms.

Nature Deficit Disorder

Nature Deficit Disorder is when humans (mostly kids )avoid the great outside and stay inside.Inside kids watch TV or play video games.This is what causes behavior problems.Other reasons for kids to stay inside is parents most common fear of stranger danger as a result kids stay inside. That's one other reason to have outdoor classrooms.Kids need to connect to nature.

Hand On Activities

Kids should concentrate on hands on and minds on activities. In reading kids can make their own stories instead of reading other peoples. Kids can even practice being teacher. One article said kids can understand better when using their five senses.I agree.Here are some examples.

Science- Working on rocks.Have children bring them to school to actually see and feel them.

Writing and reading- Use ABC magnets to make sentences

Math- Use leaves to make math problems multiplication, division addition, and subtraction

These are examples of hands on minds on learning.

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outdoor classroom picture

This is an example of an outdoor classroom

My Group's 3D model

My 3D model has a green house to plant is for science.Then there are benches for group reading.At the butterly shelter which is also for science is to make colorful bushes and attract beautiful butterflies.There is a garden for flowers and fruits and vegatables.We have a swing,sandbox,and a slide for the playground.For math students can sit on a picnic blanket and quiz each other with flash cards and use leaves for addition,subtration,multiplication,and division.

ADHD and grades improving

ADHD is a condition that makes it hard to pay attention. Students grades drop because they can not pay attention. Outdoor classrooms can fix that. Kids like to get dirty outside and if kids do stuff they like they will always pay attention. That is how we can reduce the number if students with ADHD and get grades to improve

Energy will be saved

With outdoor classroom energy can be saved.Instead of using lights from the ceiling outside the sun is the light. In order to research outside instead of desktops that plug into the wall students can have mini tablets outside.That way bills won't be high from to much to much being used.
This is our smore about outdoor classrooms