The Sting Ray

The La Violette Family at Wisconsin Dells

It was the summer of 2013 at Wisconsin Dells. The La Violette family was splashing around the water park. Evan and I were walking around the water park with our dad and then Evan and I spotted the Sting Ray. It looked extraordinary! Evan and I grabbed an inner tube and walked up the stairs. There were endless stairs but there was no line. Evan and I got in the inner tube. Evan said,"Are you scared?" I said,"No." The attendant said,"Are you ready" we said,"Yes!" She counted down,"3,2,1 go!" We screamed with joy and went back and forth. When we turned around while we were going back and forth I saw a big smile on Evans face. The inner tube slowly came to a stop Evan and I got off and spotted our parents and approached them. They said,"How was it?" We said,"Great!" Our family went on and had a great time at Wisconsin Dells. Evan and I will never forget that moment together.
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