Berlin Metropolitan School News

Friday 18th December, 2015

Upcoming Events at BMS January/ February 2016

Monday 4th January - School reopens

Wednesday 20th January - Primary Parent Representative Meeting cafeteria 19.00.

Thursday 21st January - Friends of BMS New Year´s Reception

Wednesday 27th January - Family Literacy Day

Friday 29th January - Semester 1 Reports issued & Winter break begins

Monday 8th February - Back to School

Upcoming Field Trips January 2016

Tuesday 5th January - Grade 3 ice skating at Erika-heß Eistadion and Grade 2b visit to the Philipp-Schaeffer-Library.

Wednesday 6th January - Grade 2 ice skating at Erika-heß Eistadion

Thursday 7th January - Grade 4 bowling trip to Bowl House, Storkower Str.

Friday 8th January - Grade 5 visit to Ottobock Science Centre

Tuesday 11th Janaury - Grade 5 ice skating at Erika-heß Eistadion

Wednesday 12th January -Grade 1 ice skating at Erika-heß Eistadion

Thursday 13th January - Grade 4 ice skating at Erika-heß Eistadion


Since the beginning of this academic school year we have experienced lots of exciting events at BMS. The CCEP afternoon program has also been contributing to these school wide events such as International peace day, Refugee support week and International Peace Day. The students got to know various cultural and social aspects connected to their units of inquiry which we could resume in discussions in the afternoon.

The weeks have passed by really fast, and finally Christmas is just around the corner! An exciting calendar year has come to an end. The students are diligently crafting Christmas decorations in the CCEP afternoon areas. As a contrast to their busy school days we have been trying to offer a cosy atmosphere allowing the children time to relax. Therefore we are reading aloud stories, offering various handicrafts, listening to audio books and music, playing games or letting students just choose an activity on their own. We wish you and your family a nice holiday and a good start into 2016!

Banana Split Group

We will be offering a new Banana Split group series of meetings in January, 2016. The Banana Split group is designed to meet the needs of students who might be coping with family separation or divorce. If you would like more information about this group please contact Blanka Leeker, our primary school counselor.

Learning News from the Primary School!

Grade 3 Movement

This week grade 3 have worked really hard to film their dance for film piece. The film will show the school day through dance & will be edited in the new year.

We filmed in the playground, the hallways, the gym & the classroom.

Ms. Katie Regan

Highlights of our Winter Concert!

BMS Winter concert Videos - Please use the password winter@bms

Winter Concert Grade 1 & 2

Winter Concert Grade 3 & 4

Donations for ORSIM collected at the Winter Concert!

The donations at our Winter Concert yesterday were collected by Secondary Students and will be used to fund our refugee students & their families at BMS.

We collected an amount of 811€

Thank you, and have a happy Holiday Season!

End of Year assembly

We had a fun filled assembly today when we invited the whole Primary School together to share their songs and dances with each other. Grade 1 even performed their jingle bell dance along with Miss. Katie Regan and Mr. Keulers who led the performance! Thank you so very much to all of our students and our music, drama and dance teachers for sharing this with us today.

At the end of our assembly we said goodbye to our Secondary School Principal, Mr. Hinves who joined us as a special guest in assembly as he is moving back to Australia with his family. On behalf of the Primary School we wish him all the very best for the future!

Finally, we had a special surprise visitor, who arrived to share some festive cheer!

ORSIM ´Our Refugee Students in Mitte´ Support Week Update


Our "Support Week" was a blast and the participation was amazing!

Mainly I have to thank our fabulous BMS community for their generous donations - not only during our support week!!!!

Thank you to all of our volunteers for their enthusiastic and powerful work:
Fire House for initiating the "Spread the warmth" house competition, Marika Gallar, Anne Barkin, Cora Mundt & Natascia Silvestri Jones for jumping with me into the "Support Week" organisation, Rebecca Raue for her creation of the "wish tree", the 5th grade students for creating leaves and hosting the bake sale, the ELC students for donating the money raised at their Sankt Martin celebration and those many helping hands in the back and front of our support project: Kim, Cora, Maria, Isabella, Helge, Martin, Tallula, Max...and many others.

It was heartwarming to see how we were able to connect our whole BMS school community - Early Learning Center, Primary and Secondary students, parents and staff - all for one big school project. Living exactly our BMS mission.

Below is the list of organisations all our donations went through:

  • Moabit hilft! @LaGeSo
  • Koordination Flüchtlinge am BAMF - Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge in Spandau
  • Flüchtlingshilfe Tango Berlin
  • Coordination Center located at Mariannenplatz - serving NUK Tempelhof & some small NUK´s around
  • Stadtmission, Lehrter Straße
  • Pack a bag
  • Unterkunft f Minderj. Jugendliche - in Mitte

You can find most of these on Facebook and they would be happy to receive your support through following their support pages.

If you are interested in following our ORSIM activities and other information about organisations, events for, and with refugees, please start to be part of our closed Facebook group:

Please note you have to wait for approval, due to this being a closed group.

For more detailed questions about our social project feel free to send an e-mail to

Thanks again for being so generous! Those donations will help many new arriving humans in Berlin!