Today in Tangerine

Learn about Tangerine on April 3 at the park!By Cade Wallace

Whats up in Lake Windsor?

Many things have been going on in Lake Windsor. So I picked out the top ten weirdest and coolest things that have been going on in Lake Windsor!

  • Mr. Donnelly's house has been hit by lightning three times! Crazy right?!
  • There is a on going fire called a muck fire which burns for ever and never will go out!
  • Paul didn't make the soccer team because of his eyesight! Sounds unfair in my opinion.
  • Erik made the football team! Sounds like the Erik Fisher Dream if of to a great start!
  • Mike Costello dies because he was hit by lightning!
  • Paul's mom host a meeting at their house about Mike Costello death! Lots of high tension happen in the meeting.
  • Mike Costello's funeral brings lots of tears but life goes on.
  • The Fisher family move to Tangerine Florida! What adventures await in Tangerine Florida.
  • Lots of osprey nest are appearing over town. Weird?
  • Joey invites Paul to go to the Tangerine Carnival. Paul decides to go and this defiantly shows that their relationship is getting better and Paul might be starting to fit in.

Erik Fisher Football dream

Erik Fisher had a big dream about being a football superstar and he is going to accomplish it one way or another. While Paul Fisher wants to be a soccer player but doesn't think to much about it. This is just one thing that makes Paul and Erik so different from each other. Another example is Paul is a kid who doesn't boast so much about himself and is happy for others when they do good while Erik wants to be the one in the spotlight and take all the glory for himself. Last of all is that Paul must wear special glasses while Erik dose not. This is a big difference because it gives Paul gets a lot of bad attention and people are able to make fun of him while Erik has nothing noticeable and everyone thinks the world about him. Overall Paul and Erik have many differences which is probably the reason between these two brothers never being able to trust one another.

Death Of Mike Costelleo!

Tragedy Strikes on September 5th in Tangerine Florida. It was just a normal football practice for the Lake Windsor football team when it started to rain just like it always dose. Mike Costello was in the end zone with one hand on the goal post when suddenly.... BOOM! A bolt of lightning had hit the goal post and because he was touching the goal post at the time the electricity went through him and killed him before he even fell down to the ground. Everyone freaked out knowing that he was dead. People were trying to do CPR and others called 911 trying to save this young athlete. When the emergency responders arrived they tryed saving Mike by jump-starting his heart but it was to late, Mike Costello was dead and know one could do anything about it.

MOYA Issues

There are many MOYA issues displayed in Tangerine. For starters, people don't treat Paul like other people because he stared at a solar eclipse tot long and got special glasses. Now people call him names and treat him like some science experiment. Another MOYA issue in Tangerine is how Paul has extra stress on him because of his special glasses. He has extra stress because he doesn't need to be treated special but people do anyway. This adds loads of stress because with unwanted attention which just adds on tons of stress. Last of all is that Joey has to cope with his brother being struck by lightning. I have a brother and I know that if anything ever happened to my brother, I would crumple. Sooner or later Joey will crumple without any emotional support from anyone and this is a big example of MOYA.

Best Goalie In The School Competion

On May 3rd behind the school at the soccer field we will be having a competition to see who is the best goalie in the whole school. In order to participate you must bring shine pads, athletic clothes, mouth guard, and your own soccer ball. One goalie will be at the goal while the rest of the participants try to score goals one at a time. Who ever blocks the most goals will go on to county to participate in best goalie of the county and if he or she wins that they will move on to state. We hope to see your child there on May 3rd.

Coach Walski