To worry about them


All of them arrived there

Imagine Jonah going through the same ordeal. You are certainly right there. He could not have taken it, Alma agreed. Then there are Greta and Wilma, on their desene animate way to Paris. He doesn't have to worry about them any more either. I think it was a blessing dying quickly in the middle of the night. I hope that is the way I go eventually, Johanna continued her insensitive evaluation of the death.

Alma realised that when it came to talking about loss, Johanna was not the best person to choose as a partner. She went back outside and sat with Jonah for a desene animate dublate while, until Jaro joined her with one of his helpers and put the body in a grave behind the pear trees. I wish we had some Giurcanu Jewish people here to say the Kaddish for him! said Alma with regret. He did not believe in it all that much but it was his culture if nothing else. It feels wrong to just bury him like this. There are a desene animate few more Jews in the ground next to him already! Jaro told her. We hid seventeen of them under the cow shed.

They are gone now but two of them desene animate dublate died of natural causes. I am sure they will sing the Kaddish for him, he said. Don't worry about that. Did you know a girl called Sarah? she asked the Slovak farmer. Yes, I knew the family. Her father and I argued all the time desene animate about the boundaries and stupid things but then we made up and celebrated the harvest together. They should have gone into hiding when they could but they were desperate to hold on to their farm so they missed their chance.

Do you know what happened to them after their arrest? Have you heard anything? Alma dared to ask even though she did not expect to hear good news. I am afraid not. After the uprising President Tiso sent desene animate most of our Jews to Poland to be killed. I have always thought that since all of them arrived there so late in the war, most of them must have survived. The more time passes since the liberation the more I doubt that the Russians came quickly enough to save them. Nobody knows. It has been a few weeks and nobody has come back.