Teacher Performance Appraisal of:

Sheila Sastri - Peel District School Board (April 2016)

Sheila Sastri

This has been a reflection over the past 5 years working in the Peel District School Board. The last 5 years have been a wonderful journey towards self awareness in the professional knowledge of the teaching profession and leadership. I hope to continue to be inspired and to inspire others to love what they do and do what they love.



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COMMPETENCY - Teachers demonstrate commitment to the well-being and development of all adult learners.

Examples of Evidence:

-Co-planned, Co-taught and Co-debriefed lessons dedicated to the implementation of teacher inquiry from K-12

-Mentored classroom teachers towards new learning and wonderings of students in the classroom

-Provided current research in the areas of math and literacy

-Committed to mobilizing knowledge by engaging in educational discourse with teachers

-Fostered new and existing relationships in schools by being a reliable source of information and collaboration

- Aligns assessment strategies with learning objectives of presentations

-Knowledgeable of a variety of diagnostic techniques to assess student difficulties

-Knowledgeable of a variety of diagnostic techniques to assess student difficulties and to check for understanding

-Uses a variety of appropriate teaching techniques to engage colleagues

-Can recommend a variety of assessment strategies and instruments to make both short-term and long-range decisions to improve student learning

Confirmation - Mirella Aglio

COMPETENCY - Teachers are dedicated in their efforts to teach and support pupil learning and achievement.

Examples of Evidence

-Maintained positive relationships with students by getting to know them

-Helped students move along in their understanding of concepts and ideas

-Provided timely feedback to inform next steps in students' learning

-Committed to remedial help for students who struggle

-Co-taught lessons and implemented teaching strategies optimal for student growth

-Assisted learners in practicing new skills by providing guided practice towards independence

-Created an environment that maximizes learning

-Provided active teacher participation in the learning process

-Employed appropriate balance of teacher directed discussion and learning opportunities

-Utilized a variety of facilitation/presentation skills suited to the individual needs of the audience

Confirmation: Mirella Aglio / Gale Solomon-Henry

COMPETENCY: Teachers treat all colleagues equitably and with respect.

Examples of Evidence

-Advocated for teachers to attend professional development opportunities by providing the supports necessary

-Demonstrated equitable opportunities for teachers by providing them with supports to their needs and meeting them where they are in their learning

-Provided research on equitable practices to improve classroom instruction of diverse communities

-Modeled the practice of social justice ideas by co-planning with teachers on issues related to equity and diversity

-Ability to share board policies and literature dedicated towards equity and inclusive education

Confirmation - Mirella Aglio

COMPETENCY: Teachers provide an environment for learning that encourages teachers to be problem-solvers, decision makers, life-long learners and contributing members of a changing profession.

Examples of Evidence

-See above domain

-Facilitated workshop on Special Education for aspiring teachers at OISE

-Co planned and supported teachers to present at staff meetings

-Provide learners with appropriate opportunities for independent practice of new skills through modeling

-employ effective questioning techniques that encourage higher order level thinking skills

-Provided feedback, risk-taking and experimentation by establishing a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment

-Promoted a "SWST habit of mind" through a state of inquiry

-Assisted colleagues by modeling an appetite for life-long learning

Confirmation - Mirella Aglio

Concurrent Teacher Education Program at OISE

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Letter from OISE Participating as Facilitator

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COMPETENCY: Teachers know their subject matter, the Ontario curriculum and education-related legislation.

Examples of Evidence

-Developed theory of action through collaboration with teachers in conjunction with the Ontario curriculum

-Utilized the Ontario curriculum to meet the needs of co-planned lessons in all inquiries

-Learned new methods of teaching standard and non-standard algorithms as per the Ontario curriculum

-Facilitated learning on mathematical processes to change mindsets on how students learn mathematics

-Demonstrated an understanding and ability to explain subject areas and skills in the Ontario Curriculum

Confirmation - Mirella Aglio

COMPETENCY: Teachers know a variety of effective teaching and assessment practices.

Examples of Evidence

-Researched and studied different methods using professional resources

-Studied student thinking and learning through assessment of qualitative analysis

-Studied student thinking and learning through assessment of quantitative analysis

-Used a number of strategies towards the implementation of non-standard algorithms in mathematics

-Co-planned lessons with teachers in conjunction with learning goals and success criteria

Confirmation - Mirella Aglio

COMPETENCY: Teachers know a variety of effective classroom management strategies.

Examples of Evidence

-Assisted teachers by working with students who have difficulty attending to a task

-Facilitated Special Education workshop at OISE in instruction of classroom management strategies

-Facilitated presentation at OISE during Principal Qualification Part 1 and legal aspects of the system

-Taught and all boys class of students at Dunrankin Drive P.S and strategies to improve student achievement.

-Special Education Specialist from OISE

-Worked with resource teachers to meet the needs of students with special needs such as hearing impaired, autism, and attention deficit.

Confirmation - Gale Solomon-Henry

COMPETENCY: Teachers know how adults learn and factors that influence adult learning and achievement.

Examples of Evidence

-Attended and implemented coaching strategies through Lucy West training

-Attended professional development with Jennifer Abrams and Bruce Wellman

-Collaborated with SWST team to develop strategies for co-planning with teachers

-Provided professional development for host teachers at SWST orientation

-Involved in host teacher celebration for teacher learning

-Organized presentation time by providing for the needs of all teachers

-Considers the individual needs of teachers when selecting resources

-Seek and uses various resources to achieve and reinforce expectations

-Provided opportunities for teachers to share their interests and demonstrate their involvement in learning

-Uses appropriate strategies to manage large group presentations

-Differentiate instruction to meet diverse teacher's needs

-Uses different motivational strategies to encourage teachers in developing competence in all areas

-Takes into account various learning styles with the selection of materials/media

-Adapt to group or individual teachers with flexible grouping practices

-Modify programs to fit teachers' needs by making topics relevant to adult learners' lives and experiences

Confirmation: Mirella Aglio


COMPETENCY: Teachers use their professional knowledge and understanding of adult learning, curriculum, legislation, teaching practices and classroom management strategies to promote the learning and achievement of their colleagues.

Examples of Evidence

- Participated in SWS teleconferences and ministry PD/sharing sessions

-Participated in Math Networks at Darcel P.S and Terry Fox P.S

-Effectively motivate and empower teachers to improve student learning

-Model and promote the joy of learning

-Effectively support and/or assist teachers in meeting their professional goals by addressing their individual needs

-responds thoughtfully and effectively to demonstrate a positive rapport with colleagues and am caring, approachable and trustworthy in all interpersonal relationships

-Information shared with colleagues in a non threatening way through collaboration of ideas and thoughts

-Develop clear and achievable expectations for adult learners

-Encourage teachers to know about, reflect on, and monitor their own learning

-Assisted teachers to develop and use ways to access and critically assess information

Confirmation - Mirella Aglio

7-10 Network Collaboration at Darcel P.S

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COMPETENCY: Teachers communicate effectively with pupils, parents, colleagues, superintendents and co-ordinations.

Examples of Evidence

-Worked with students in a number of capacities including classroom teacher and SWST

-Met with principals to meet the needs in the school

-Worked with faculty at OISE to facilitate teacher education workshops

-Created Powtoon presentation for Superintendents for the SWST initiative

-Presented to principals for SWST rollout

-Worked on a number of committees at Dunrankin P.S which included the principal as the chair for meetings

-Collaborative Inquiry developed into a SMORE (digital monograph) of key learning on SWST initiative

Confirmation - Mirella Aglio / Gale Solomon-Henry

Powtoons Video for Superintendents

SWST in Peel District School Board

COMPETENCY: Teachers are knowledgeable of a variety of ways of communicating to pupils and parents.

Examples of Evidence

-Through classroom website kept both students and parents informed and to chart student progress

-Met regularly and had telephone calls with parents to provide feedback on students' progress

-Used success criteria to help students reach targets for their own learning

-Fostered literacy engagement through persuasive writing of obtaining more books in the classroom

-Built strong classroom communities by allowing students to come for remedial support

-Assist learners in practicing new skills by providing opportunities for guided practice

-Promoted the joy of learning

-Actively engaged students through equitable practices

Confirmation - Gale Solomon-Henry / Mirella Aglio

COMPETENCY: Teachers adapt and refine their teaching practices through continuous learning and reflection, using a variety of sources and resources.

Examples of Evidence:

-Written a number of educational papers dedicated to leadership and student achievement

-Engaged in professional dialogue with host teachers and SWST team

-Attended "Building Your Leadership Capacity" workshops

-Engaged in the "Racialized Leaders Series"

-Read and critically deconstructed literature in education

-Assess and reviewed Annual Learning Plan on a consistent basis for evidence of growth

-Effectively demonstrated knowledge of trends, techniques and research relevant to learning

COMPETENCY: Teachers consistently uses appropriate technology in their professional practice and related responsibilities.

Examples of Evidence

-Used pedagogical documentation to assist in understanding how students learn

-Used a variety of apps to help students learn and teachers to engage student learning

-Attended professional development on digital citizenship with George Couros

-Researched and implemented new technology as a SWST team

-Use of SMORE to promote student and teacher learning of inquiries

-Use of Twitter for information sharing and learning

Confirmation -Mirella Aglio


COMPETENCY: Teachers collaborate with other teachers and colleagues to create and sustain learning communities in their classrooms and in their schools.

Examples of Evidence

-Assisted in the planning and implementation of inquiry presentations at staff meetings

-Organized host teacher celebration of all inquiries attached to the SWST initiative

-Organized learning communities for single gendered classrooms at Dunrankin

-Invited and organized professional development for teachers with Dr. Edmond Dixon at Dunrankin Drive P.S

-Built capacity in schools through the SWST inititiave through the development of teacher knowledge and learning

-Learned with and from colleagues and others in the community of learners

-Pursued and effectively shared knowledge about current educational trends

-Worked co-operatively with colleagues to solve student, classroom and school concerns

-Participated as an effective team member and shared expertise with others, for example, by acting as a mentor, peer coach and presenter

-Participated effectively by contributing to committees, subject teams and board/ministry initiatives

-Effectively lead portions of team meetings

-Planned worthwhile professional development activities for school-based, field office and board wide initiatives

-Shared instructional strategies that have worked successfully with colleagues

-Shared learning acquired through participation on system-wide or provincial initiatives with colleagues

-Served as a resource to colleagues, for example, in the effective use of technology, assessment strategies and classroom management

Confirmation - Mirella Aglio / Gale Solomon-Henry

COMPETENCY: Teachers work with professionals, parents and members of the community to enhance pupil learning, pupil achievement and school programs.

Examples of Evidence:

-Apart of a number of committees at Dunrankin Drive P.S including climate for learning and the F.A.S.T program (Families and Schools Together)

-Volunteer at end of the year barbeque and holiday luncheon at Dunrankin Drive P.S

-Monitored student learning with parents

-Facilitated open house for parents during EQAO and Literacy and Numeracy nights

-Apart of Author's Day with invited Trustee's, Superintendents and Parents

Confirmation - Gale Solomon-Henry

Math Night at Dunrankin Drive P.S

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COMPENTENCY: Teachers engage in ongoing professional learning and apply it to improve their teaching practices.

Examples of Evidence:

-Completed additional qualifications including PQP Part 1

-Graduated with a Master's of Education from OISE

-Attended various professional development opportunities at the Peel Board and Ministry of Education

-Participated in workshops, seminars, courses, in-service programs, or reads books, articles, journals, and internet sites, or reflects with others to better understand human nature and be a model for colleagues

-Explored ways to access and to use educational research

-Tapped into web sites that describe best practices, acquires successful teaching strategies and applies them to their role

-Read and understood board policies and applied to literature review of practices in the Peel Board through the Peel Cohort Master's of Education

Confirmation: Gale Solomon-Henry

Graduation Picture With My Family (M.Ed)

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