If you want to be active , try skiing/Snowboarding

How to Move and Stop

it is pretty easy to ski if you get the hang of it. First you have to have good enough balance to turn so you should work on that before skiing. So to turn right, you have to put just enough pressure on the your right boot and you have to do the same but with your left ski to turn left. To go faster you need to put your ski's closer together, and to slow down you need to make a triangle with your ski's. If you want to stop quickly you have to turn super quick.

Skiing Signs

There are different skiing and snowboarding hill levels. If you are a beginner you should start at the green circles, but once you master that you can move on to a blue square,


Ski Lifts

What to do

A ski lift is like a couch on a cable. Their is a cable that holds about 20-50 chairs that takes you up a hill. To sit on one you have to go up to a line that they will probably have for you and then you look back and have your arm our ready to grab the pole. Right as the lift is about to hit your leg you sit down and grab the pole, then you will lift off. After your nice ride you nee to get of right? So when you are about 5 yards away lift up your ski's. Right when you can literally touch the ground you push your self off and then you will have a nice ski down the hill you came up.


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