Let's learn about fronts!!

What fronts are

Fronts occur when two different air masses collide together and depending on which one has more force to beat the other, it decides what our weather will turn out to be.

Cold fronts

They naturally occur when fast moving cold air mass runs into a slower moving warm air mass. Since a cold air mass is denser then warm air mass, the cold air remains on the ground and sinks underneath the warm less dense air. Types of weather that usually occur in cold fronts are; Strong winds and heavy thunderstorms, there is enough water vapor in the warm air for heavy rain or snow. If the warm air contains little water vapor in the air, the cold may be accompanied by cloudy skies. In a cold front there may be cumulus and cumulonimbus form by the droplets of water produced by rapid rise of warm air.

Warm fronts

How a warm front is created is by when both a slow moving warm air mass collides with a slower moving cold air mass as well. The warm air rises due to the cold front having more density in it. In a warm front you can find clouds, storms, and rain. If you notice that the warm air is dry, usually scattered clouds start beginning to form. You can also find light rain fall if the warm air is humid. This weather usually forms along the front that the cold and warm air masses meet.

Stationary fronts

These occur normally when both cold and warm fronts meet together, but neither of them have enough force to over throw the other. When the warm and cool air meet water vapor in the condenses to either snow,rain,fog,or clouds. I stationary front can remain over an area for many days .

Occluded fronts

Form when a warm air mass is caught between two cooler air masses at which the more dense cooler air moves underneath the less dense warm air and pushes it upwards. The two air masses then meet in the middle and possibly mix. Then the temperature on the ground starts to become cooler and the warm air is trapped form reaching the surface. (cut off) As the warm air cools and its water condenses, the weather could turn cloudy,rainy,or snowy.

Occluded front weather

Cloudy, snowy or rainy weather may occur in occluded fronts.
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What are weather fronts?