Learn how to use imagery and why we use it

Using Imagery in Writing

Using imagery in writing is very important. Imagery describes the setting of your story so the reader can envision the setting in their mind. You wouldn't want someone to think it's raining in your story when it's actually sunny.

How to use Imagery

Imagery is describing a setting concerning the five senses; taste, smell, sound, touch, and sight. In order to do this you have to think about your setting and what might be there. Mood can be affected by the setting as well, so whatever mood you're trying to set include clues in your imagery.

Ex.: The trees swayed as the cold wind brushed my face, thunder rumbling in the distance. The rough handle of my umbrella scraped my hand as I held a hot cup of coffee in the other. I sipped the bitter coffee quickly, trying to keep myself warm in this morning storm.

Any Questions?

Imagery can be confusing, especially when you're not sure what to write about. If the setting of the story outside you might want to focus on the weather. If the story is inside focus on what kind of objects there are. Remember the mood of the story can be affected by your imagery. If you want to set a happy mood, you might want a sunny day outside or a fun time indoors. If you want the mood to be sad you could make it a rainy day or dark inside.