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Week of June 1


You have made it! The sweet summertime is upon us. I encourage you all to slow down, take a much-needed break and enjoy your time away from school. I am honored to have journeyed through another school year with you and look forward to what 2015-2016 has to offer.

As we close out the school year, there are many details that must have our attention. Please be sure to review all emails and our important information section in the newsletter below.


Kim Barker

This week at Tidwell

Monday, June 1

Choir Hall of Fame Party 4:30pm

Tuesday, June 2

Final Exams

Wednesday, June 3

Final Exams

Thursday, June 4

Final Exams

Early Release

EOY Breakfast Celebration 8:00 (library)

Friday, June 5

Final Exams

Early Release


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Important Information

  • As of June 10, there will be no AC in the classrooms; AC returns to the classrooms on August 10.
  • Please unplug all electronics over the summer.
  • If you are moving rooms and have questions, please let me know. Our goal is to have all individuals situated in their new room by June 10th.
  • Please make sure you have an SBBB up for summer and the start of school.
  • LAST CALL to turn in your # of books!! #titansread
  • Paraprofessionals, please keep a close eye on your time sheets this week. I'd like you to all incur enough time Mon-Thurs so that we can close up and leave by 4:00pm on Friday afternoon.
  • Teachers, you are able to start your summer as soon as you receive the final checkmark from your PDAS appraiser and your grades are verified.
  • Celebrate summer with jeans during exams!
  • We **may** have an 8th grade clap out Friday afternoon. If so, I'll email specific directions later this week.
  • Please keep an eye on your email this summer! I'll send 2-3 newsletters keeping you updated.

Looking Ahead to 15-16

Join me in welcoming our newest Titan! Ann Feind will be joining us as our PEIMS/Registrar for the upcoming school year.