Prisha Properties’ home

Prisha Properties’ home

We chose the responsible life with a Prisha Properties’ home

It was a stressful couple of months for me. I had been given some almost unattainable targets by my bosses and while this consumed much of my energies, I had also been charged with an additional responsibility, something that took me out of my comfort zone.

It was the lord and master of the household (yes, that’s my missus!) who had lumbered me with this additional responsibility, and that responsibility was the search for a new home. This choice of a new home from the various Bangalore properties is nothing short of a daunting task. Inevitably, long days at the office followed long nights at home, in what seemed like an endless pursuit. To my delight, however, my efforts were met with just reward - my boss told me that I would definitely be considered for promotion, while my wife was over the moon at my choice of a new home!

Why wouldn’t she be, for I had unearthed a diamond after having a good old rummage in the cess pit that is the ‘apartments for sale in Bangalore scene’. This diamond was quite clearly Prisha Properties Limited!

These builders checked all the boxes on my wife’s list of priorities. Right from the off, we were pleased that Prisha’s flats were well within our budget. From there on in, we found out that Prisha was one of the best builders in Bangalore, being part of the Golden Gate Group no less. Besides, these homes were tastefully designed and would provide comfortable and luxurious living areas, which was what we truly deserved.

It was the green features that really blew our mind, however! These builders ensured that their properties were made up of at least 50% eco-friendly materials, and stunningly had measures in place that limited their dependence on natural resources. What’s more, Prisha also ensured that the air-quality at their properties was much better too, while these eco-friendly measures provided for reduced month-on-month costs for residents as well!

When it came down to it, it was a simple task to choose one of Prisha’s Bangalore properties as our new home, and we promptly plumped for a 2BHK at the Hanging Gardens in Hebbal. Life would be perfect here! The property’s superb living areas and amazing amenities promised us a complete and wholesome living experience, while the eco-friendly measures ensured that we lived a responsible life too. To find out more about Prisha Properties, log on to, today.