Marine Biome

Kimberley, Robert

Where/What is it

      LOCATION: The marine biome is the biggest biome in the world! It covers about 70% of the earth. It includes five main oceans: the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and Southern, as well as many smaller Gulfs and Bays. Marine Regions are usually very salty

General Climate conditions

The climate of the marine biome is mostly varied. Since it is the largest biome in the world, the climate varies from -40 degrees fahrenheit to over 100 degrees. The average temperature is 39 degrees fahrenheit, but it is warmer near the equator where the direct rays of sun can pierce the water and warm it.

Plants of the biome

Plants in the ocean are extremely important to all life on planet earth. Algae in the ocean absorbs carbon dioxide and provides much of the Earth's oxygen. Examples of algae include kelp and phytoplankton. Other ocean plants are seaweeds, sea grasses, and mangroves.

Animals Of The Biome

General Soil Conditions