Whitehall Studs FFL

Week Update

"Straight Cash Homey" - Randy Moss

Weekly Payouts:
  • Corey edges Spartans and Pimps for his first $10
  • CG and Sage split best D/ST..$5 each

Player of the week

Thomas Rawls

DM Special

Rawls was resting on DM's bench!

Others considered: Martin, Palmer, Newton

Weekly Recap

Warning: In Joe Dulin's playoff system, the wasteland that is the Peter North will have a playoff team with a losing record! Denner is already outraged!

- Denner's team lays an egg, gets injured, and falls to the Pimps.

- Chain Gang uses his voodoo again, doesn't start a RB, and still beats Pools

- DM Special leaves massive points on his bench and loses to The Spartans. Both teams now fighting for playoff lives.

- Public Ed beats Perkiomen, is one game back, and holds tie break over Joe. Watch out as a sub-.500 team will sneak into the playoffs and possible win it all!

- Battle of the brothers has VD beat Nick...yawn.

- JPP grabs a huge win over Hogs and locks up his playoff berth.

Next Week's Featured Match-Up

3-8 Public Education vs 8-3 JPP Finger Bang

- If Corey wants to dance, he'll need to beat one of the big boys. Game on!