The Jurassic Journalist

Michael Crichton . Alfred A. Knopff . 09/95 . 393 Pages

A Truly Lost World

Professor Levine is an expert in the field of paleontological research. He has been hearing reports of “aberrant forms” showing up around Costa Rica. He goes to Isla Sorna to investigate. The “aberrant form” seems to be a huge lizard, but it does not quite match any known lizard. On that island is the mysterious "Site B" from Jurassic Park, the dream of the late John Hammond. Site B was where they developed the dinosaurs. Levine goes to the island with his guide, Diego. Not far into the island, they encounter a small lizard that walks on it’s hind legs. Levine identified it as a species of dinosaur called compys. suddenly they all run away. A t-rex then comes out of nowhere and eats the guide. Levine manages to escape. Meanwhile, back on the mainland, a doctor (Thorne) and two of his students (Kelly and Arby) are waiting for him to show up at a meeting they had arranged. They eventually get worried and go to the island too. Doctor Thorne, Kelly, and Arby went to do research and look for Levine. They were joined by Ian Malcom, an expert in the chaos theory, and Eddie, one of Thorne's employees. They find him riding a bike along a trail. They do some research on dinosaurs living on the island for a while. Sarah Harding, a field biologist who was going to research some animals on the island, but couldn't make it right away, took a ride to the island on a boat with Lewis Dodgson and some of his crew. Dodgson is a manager at Biosyn, a company known for doing illegal things to make money. He pushes her overboard on the way. She swims the rest of the way. Dodgson and his crew try to collect dinosaur eggs. It was going well until they were attacked by a t-rex. Dodgson survived. Sarah found the others. That night, a tyrannosaur pushes part of their trailer off a cliff, nearly killing them. They hide up in a metal structure to hide from velociraptors. They had to beat them off with sticks. Unfortunately, Eddie fell off and was eaten alive, Arby managed to lock himself in a cage, And a velociraptor got his jaws stuck in the key ring with the keys to the cage and proceeded to run away. Sarah and Kelly go after it with a gun and a motorcycle and shoot it. They go and let Arby out. Then they go to make sure the chopper that was supposed to pick them up knew they were there, but it left without them. They run into a shelter. They go through to a door that leads to a dock and find a boat. They get off the island. Dodgson however, was taken by a t-rex and fed to its babies.

The Jurassic People

Professor Levine is a middle school teacher and an expert in paleontology. He has been studying the island (Isla Sorna) for months before this.

Ian Malcom is an expert in the chaos theory. He always goes to the worst case scenario. He is a pessimist.

Arby is a boy genius who skipped two grades and is about to skip another. He is especially good with computers.

Kelly is a middle school girl who knows a lot about animals. Her role model is Sarah Harding, a field biologist.

Doctor Thorne is a scientist and an inventor. He is a good friend of Levine and Malcom. He designed the trailer they took out to the island.

Sarah Harding is a field biologist. She came to help with the research of the creatures on the island.

Lewis Dodgson is a manager at Biosyn, a company known for stealing research from other people and conducting experiments on the public without them knowing. He is a greedy, selfish and cruel person.

Big Jurassic Jerks

Scientists have been searching for the mysterious "site B" for years before this, but when a group of scientists finally find it, they have no idea what's in store for them. Site B was the development center for the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, the dream of John Hammond. They get attacked by velociraptors, tyrannosaurs, you name it. Any dinosaur that could be remotely dangerous is there. It made it extremely hard to survive much less get off the island. They miss the helicopter that was scheduled to pick them up, so it's up to them to make it off of there on their own.

The Words of a Survivor

Ian Malcom looked back on what had happened and said, "In the intermediate phase, swiftly developing complexity within the system hides the risk of imminent chaos. But the risk is still there." It means that sometimes in the midst of trying to accomplish something you are so focused on what you are trying to accomplish that you don't realize the possible dangers that come with it.

Review-A-Saurus Rex!

This book was another extremely well written novel by Michael Crichton that takes you back to the lost world of the dinosaurs on Isla Sorna. You'll learn about the feeding habits, habitats and maternal instincts of dinosaurs. While reading this book you will feel a terrifying sense of reality. The Lost World was extremely entertaining.