In Macbeth

Power can be used for good or bad.

Power Used for Good

"So clear in his great office..."

Act I; Scene VII

  • Duncan has been a fair and just king
  • Used his power to benefit Scotland

"Before we reckon with your several loves, and make us even with you..."

Act V; Scene VIII

  • Malcolm is planning to use his power to bring Scotland back together

Power Used for Bad

"... A swift blessing may soon return to this our suffering country under a hand accursed!"

Act III; Scene VI

  • Now that Macbeth is king he is not using his power to help the people of Scotland
  • Instead the country is suffering

"Yet who would have thought the old man to have so much blood in him? ... The thane of Fife had a wife; where is she now? ... I tell you yet again, Banquo's burried."

Act V; Scene I

  • Lady is confessing to what she and Macbeth did
  • Abused their power to take out people who got in their way


Yes because it is evident throughout the entire play and explains how beneficial it can be if used for good and how destructive power can be when used with bad intentions.