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Tips to Cope and Stay Positive Through the Virus Pandemic

During these unprecedented and unsettling times, safety has become a primary concern. However, maintaining a routine and finding purpose in our daily lives is just as important to help us navigate this new normal. Over the last few weeks, I have found myself talking with people about how they can create some normalcy and, yes, enjoyment in their days. Here are some of the things that can be helpful in helping you cope and thrive:

  1. Having a regular sleep wake cycle: This is especially important for school aged children and adolescents. With all that is going on due to the virus, we may find ourselves having difficulty sleeping, especially if we are napping through the day, sleeping in, or staying up late. Work on getting in 5-8 hours of sleep at night and being up and around no later than 9am. Also, going out in the sun (if it ever returns) also helps us in establishing natural circadian rhythms, aiding us in better sleep/wake patterns.
  2. Get some stuff done!: When we are busy, it is often easy to procrastinate on those projects and chores that need to been done such as organizing the closet, staying on top of laundry, or maybe even getting caught up on work or learning that foreign language you always said you wanted to learn. Carve out time in each day to explore and tackle those long overdue tasks.
  3. Find enjoyment: I know this almost seems impossible to do currently, but I feel it is necessary to insert ways to feel good in each day. Everyone is different, but doing things such as reaching out to people (via phone or virtually, of course) you often don’t have time to catch up with, reading, exploring your creative side through cooking, gardening or, art, learning to do your own facials and pedicures, or watching those favorite TV shows and movies. There are SO many ways to put some enjoyment into your day.
  4. Eat mindfully: I know when you are home most of the day, it is tempting to fulfill yourself with eating. The snacks are RIGHT there! And there are so many of them, especially if you are in a home that stocked up! But, just as with your sleep, you want to establish a regular schedule for eating and be able to identify thoughts and emotions so that you become aware of when you really are hungry and when you are just plain bored (in which case refer to #2 and 3.

We have become a society that is accustomed to instant gratification and unfamiliar with an unstructured and unscheduled life. BUT, we are able to cope! We can cope and adjust! We are all in this together and even though we may not be able to spend time together one on one, we DO still have each other for support. Thank goodness for technology!!! With that said…I found a wonderful article about how to maintain a hopeful mindset during the COVID-19 outbreak. It emphasizes the previous points as well as how to deal with fears and uncertainty.

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