Scandy Lizzy

Alternate ending

Gage Hendrix

English IV

Mrs. Dearman

14 November 2013

​Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have a traditional wedding. Mr. Darcy does everything in his power to make this a perfect wedding. One year later, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy go to a ball. During the whole night Darcy was drinking and it got a little out of control and He becomes very ignorant and loud. Elizabeth finally decides she has enough and confronts him. She tells him that he needs to stop embarrassing her and needs to calm down Sadly, it was too late. The Alcohol was in control now . Darcy then gets pissed off screaming and storms off, leaving the ball. Whileshe crying out by the pool. Mr. Wickham comes and comforts her. One thing led to another and that thing led to the Bedroom. At this point, sexual tensions are rising and they do IT.

The next morning, Lizzy feels terrible about sleeping with her sisters husband. She visits her sister and tells her everything! Lydia is pissed but does nothing about it. Lizzy still mad at Darcy goes and sleeps with Mr. Collins and some random from town. One month after Shesleeps with Mr.Wickham, Lydia tells Mr. Darcy about it. Darcy was ferious… Not even knowing about the other two. He does the worst thing you could think. Betraying his own best friend. Darcy sleeps with Jane!

3 months Later

​Jane is pregnant and finding out its Darcy’s baby. Mr. Bingley finds this out to. He was so shocked. Then, he rushes right over to Darcy’s place. Pissed off Bingley immediately punches Darcy right in the teeth, saying you got my wife pregnant. After about 10 minutes of them brawling, Bingley stabs Darcy. Bingley thinks he just killed his bestfriend, runs away. Little did he know He was alive and seeking revenge. Later that night, when Bingley is sleeping, Darcy poisons him and himself. They both die after about a minute of consuming the poison. All this could’ve been prevented if it weren’t for Elizabeth and she will live with that on her chest. At the same time having to deal with ruining all her sister and friends marriages.