Midd evil times

Jaylean Alvear

The day my cusons invited me to go to midd evil times with them it all happened on a satrday we all got dress and all had tookn a shower when it was time to go we got all in the car and put our belts on we took off half an houar later we had got to midd evil times we all got off the car and head into the Building we bought our seats and when the lady took us to our seats we waited for the show to start.

every one was talking and yelling when it was time for the show to start the lights dimed down and every one got quiet and looked at the king and queen that were standing over the crowed they pulled out a list of birthday pepol when they finshed music stared to play and kinghts in horses came out and put on a show the horese would dance around and jump over stuff .

when the hores show was over some kights would come out and jump on a Horse and grab sticks the two kights would go on one side and get ready to Joust and the one to fall loses one of the men fell back on there backs and the blue team had won that roaund some of the ladys would come around and serve us drinks and food the chickn was baby dragon and the sauce .