The Game Plan Daily

By: Michael Clayton

Author: Tim Green

Publisher: Harper Collins Childrens Books

Publishing Date: 2007

Number of Pages: 244

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Character Discription

Troy White is the main character in this book. He is a twelve year old kid who plays for a little league football team, the Duluth Tigers. He has this special talent where when he walks up to the line of scrimmage he can read the defense and know exactly what they are going to do. But not only can he do it on his little league team he can do it to games that are live on TV. Troy has two other friends that are also on the team, Tate and Nathan. Tate who is a girl is one of the best kickers in the town. And Nathan who is a lineman for the Duluth Tigers. There is another kid who Troy hates his name is Jamie Renfro. He is the starting quarterback over Troy because his dad is the head coach. Troy’s mom is another character. She gets a job for the Atlanta Falcons football team. The Atlanta Falcons have a star linebacker named Seth Halloway who finds out about Troy’s talent.

Plot Summary

When Troy’s mom gets a job with the Atlanta Falcons. Troy gets to meet the Falcons star linebacker, Seth Halloway. But it wasn’t for a good reason. Troy had stolen a Falcons ball from Seth. After Troy had apologized they watched college football. That’s when Troy demonstrates his special ability where he can call a play or read a play before it starts. Seth was amazed, he almost thought it was fake. But it couldn’t of been because the football game was live.

Seth knew that if Troy got a job for the Atlanta Falcons they would start to win. One day Seth brings Troy into his work on his day off. They showed Coach Kronk, the defensive coach. Troy wasn't able to read the defense because Coach Kronk kept putting pressure on him. Coach kronk wasn't amazed. A couple of days later Troy showed up at Seth's house and asked if they could go back. Troy said he found out the reason why he couldn't read the plays. It was because the game that Coach Kronk showed them was a preseason game, and he knew that because in preseason games they have no strategy. They went back to Seth's work and showed the head coach what Troy could do. It worked the head coach was amazed. When coach Kronk found out he said he was going to make the Falcons lose on purpose. At the game Seth was put on the bench because Troy was giving his mom the play and she would give a sign to Seth on the field and Seth wasn't calling the right plays that coach Kronk wanted him to. Troy told the owner about it and the owner fired coach Kronk and hired Troy as the new ball boy.

At the end of the book Seth shows up at Troy's house saying that he wants to talk to Troy's mom. Troy stayed outside but he went by the door so he could hear them talking. Seth had asked Troy's mom if she wanted to go on a little vacation with him. But Troy's mom said no because she said that she had no one to watch Troy. But after Seth left Troy's mom opened the package she saw there was 3 tickets so they could all go. She was so happy and she said they would go. Troy's little league team had there last game but then when a couple of parents complained that the coach was too mean the coach said he wasn't going to coach their last game of the season. But when Seth showed up at practice he said he would coach Troy's last game.


The main problem in the story is when Troy and Seth are trying to get the Head Coach to see Troy's talent. But coach Kronk keeps getting in there way. When they go to show the Head Coach, Coach Kronk was trying to convince the Head Coach that it was a joke and he was saying he is just a kid and that was just luck. After the Head Coach said he would give Troy a chance Coach Kronk left. On there way out Kronk found them and said he was going to sit Seth out and lose games on purpose so that the Head Coach would get rid of Troy.

Title Explanation

I chose the title "The Game Plan Daily" because I thought that title would fit good with this book. It was like Troy could just see the other coaches teams strategy. It was like his game plan. It was like he had the play drawn out in his mind. He could read the defense and would get all the plays right. He helped the Falcons win 5 games because of his talent.

Book Review

I would give this book a 4.5 out of 5. I thought this book was really good. I enjoyed this book even more because I enjoy playing and watching football. When I got closer to the end of the book I just wanted to read it more and more. I think if this happened to me in life I would be really happy. I think it is cool to have a NFL star player be amazed by what you can do. And I think it is also really cool to be really good friends with a NFL player. I think the author did really good on this book. I don't think he needs to make any changes.