By:Emma Krumenacher

Pythagoras´s Life

Pythagoras was a Greek Philosopher. He was born around 570 b.c. and died anywhere from 500-490 b.c. Pythagoras was the creator of the Pythagorean theorem, A2 + B2 = C2. He emigrated to southern Italy around 532 b.c.
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Pythagorean Therom

The Pythagorean Theorem was created by Pythagoras and shows the relationship in any right triangle. The two lengths of a right triangle are a and b and the hypotenuse is c which can be written as.... A2 + B2 =C2. Pythagoras might not have been the first to invent the theorem the Babylonians used math similar to this 1,300 years before Pythagoras.


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Pythagoras´s Secret Society

Pythagoras's secret society, led by Pythagoras, was a group of people who worshiped mathematics. Groups like this one were not uncommon in Roman times. They all believed that everything in the world can be represented by natural numbers.
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Fun Facts

There is not much actual written work of Pythagoras because none of his work was recorded until years after his death by others. Also, Pythagoras was one of the first to call him self a philosopher. It is also believed that Pythagoras made important impact in astronomy, music, and medicine.
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