By: Jean-Luc Riendeau

Kids at young ages are more prone to things like concussions because of there rapid height and weight gain so there bodiesare not as develpoed as adults.

The reason for concussion is when you get hit your brain is surrounded with tissues and when i is forced backor forward the brain brakes those tissues and tries to excape. You get a concussion from the brain hitting the bone and the brain gets bruised.

Causes of a concussion are caused by a force hitting you on the head causing trama to the head. A concussion is easy to get in contact sports and even non contact sports.

Prevention of a concussion can like wearing headgear protecting your head from things that might mainly happen during sport activities. Most kids do not wear head grear because they do not think they are cool. If head gear was advertised right kids would want or try to be more safe.

Symptoms of a concussion the most commen ones may be loss of conciseness, headache, nausea, and blured vision.