by: Emma Upton, Jaden Clasey, Adrian Sanchez

Warning signs

-suffering from depression or a mental disorder

-abusing alcohol or other drugs

-cluster suicides in the area

-withdrawal from friends

-change in personality

-negative self image

-giving away belongings, or running away

-direct or indirect statements of death

-unusual obsession with death



-5% of all suicides are cluster suicides

-suicide takes the lives of nearly 30,000 americans

-for people 15-24 suicide is the third leading cause of death

-there are twice as many deaths due to suicide than HIV/AIDS

how you can help:

1) initiate a meaningful conversation so they know you care

-show interest in the person and patience, "don't say things like everyone feels sad sometimes"

2) show support and ask questions

-remind them that all problems have solutions and suicide is not the answer

3) persuade them to seek help

-encourage them to talk to a trusted adult and offer to go with them

Bullied to Death: Suicide of 15 year-old Kristina Arielle Calco