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Pot Bellied Pig

A pot bellied pig can weigh up to 150 pounds. They can live up to 20 years of age. Some pot bellied pigs can use the litter box. Some of the pigs can be picky eaters. They are at their best when there is a yard to play around in. You can take your pig on a walk on a leash like a dog. Some pigs like to drink out of a hamster water bottle. If you have a dog bed and you get a pig, think of the trouble you will have trying to get the pig out of the bed. If you think pigs do not like to travel, then you are wrong, pigs like to travel like any other animal. The only thing you might need is a pig and some cardboard to stop any leaks or poo from getting out. If you have kids this will be a good beginner pet. Pigs can have dog treats like a dog. The breeding days are up to 106 days to 116 days.


If you think sunscreen is good so you will not get burned when you outside and you think mud is so nasty and dirty. Well pigs use this as their sunscreen.


A sow is a female pig. The biggest sow farm had 11,000 pigs. A sow can have up to 5-6 piglets in one litter. The most piglets a sow had was up to 27 in one litter.

Pig Bones

A newborn pig has a total of 300 bones in the body, A fully grown pig has 206 bones.
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