EFT Dojo Stage 1

A systematic approach to learning EFT

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The EFT Dojo is a safe place where you refine your existing Emotionally Focused Therapy skills and learn new ones. At the Dojo there is comraderie and guidance. We help you un-stick those stuck places in your practice by examining one small and manageable EFT concept (like catching bullets) view movie clips, and practice in dyads. You'll leave more confident and more connected to yourself, other EFT practictioners and the model. Created and developed by EFT supervisor candidate, Lillian Buchanan, PhD of Redmond, Washington, this EFT Dojo (tm) format will improve how you practice EFT. So get your dojo mojo on and join us!

EFT Dojo Stage 1

Monday, March 10th, 6-8pm

The Attach Place

We meet every other Monday at 6 pm for twelve sessions. The cost is $60.00 per dojo. We are able to offer CE credit for attendance.

Join us for the EFT Dojo!

Hear what people are saying about the EFT dojo:

The class provided an experiential learning format that helped me integrate the EFT concepts into my practice (and see where they were already integrated). The most profound part of the dojo was Jennifer's ability to use with ease EFT methods throughout her presentation and in her relationship with the participants. Seeing and experiencing EFT in action between Jennifer and each class member was as important in the learning environment, as the didactic, the videos, the handouts and the exercises.

Jackie Parker, LMFT

The Dojo was a safe and welcoming environment where I felt fully supported in my learning. I found the experiential, hands-on approach extremely helpful in acquiring new skills and practicing the old ones. The model is concrete, practical and thorough.

Ivana Tufekcic, MFT intern

Thoughtful presentation that is broken down to small steps for skills building and therapist confidence building. Good films, role playing and handouts. Excellent instructor who models while training peers.

Charlene Hong, LMFT

The dojo helped me to "really get" EFT by practicing skills bit by bit in a safe and secure setting. The role playing, small group and dyad experiential piece was very helpful. Jennifer is a great teacher!

Rosemary Miles, PhD

I love the dojo. Can't wait to sign up for Dojo 2.

Clark Marshall, MFT