the protist is back!!!!! by Alexandria McDonald

(genus) amoeba

If you look at different pictures of a amoeba, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. It's a single celled organism. Building block for all life forms. The insides of a amoeba is a jell-like substance that is called cytoplasm. They only have one cell for their whole body. Uses pseudopod for movement.

our habitats are........

Amoebas live in waters, such as :lakes,:ponds, :streams,:rivers,:puddles,:some live in the bodies of animals.

Amoebas can also be found inside of a human

the connection amoebas have with us is......

The similarity that humans and Amoebas have is our digestive system.

How do amoebas move.

We Amoebas move by using our pseudopod to move around

interesing but scary fact

Some Amoebas are deadly to the point where it can end up killing you like Amoebas that live in waters

what do amoebas eat

-Amoebas feed off of bacteria, algae and other


-They obtain their food by phagocysis.

how fast are amoebas?

Amoebas are 0.5 to 0.3 microns per second