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November College Readiness News

November is College Application Month (but hey, we may stretch this out a bit longer!) All Seniors to Apply to at least one college in November.

November: Kentucky's official College Application Month! Our goal is for every senior to apply to at least one college. Please see Ms. Colbert if you're not sure there's a college program that's right for you. You may be closer to getting in than you realize.

Seniors, if you haven't responded to the survey on colleges you've applied to, (or you've applied to a college without updating the survey), please click here:

Underclassmen, this is the time to dream, plan, and explore your options for the future.

Students: check your emails! CCR events held in November & December:

November 9 - OCTC Nursing program, 1:15-1:45 in the DCHS Career Center

November 10 - Transylvania University, 1:15-1:45 in the DCHS Career Center

November 10 - WKU application assistance, 1:15-1:45 in the DCHS Media Center

November 18 - Kids on Campus, University of Louisville/Bellarmine

December 4 - Kids on Campus, University of Southern Indiana

I'm adding more visits and events almost every week. Check your email daily to stay informed.

Students can sign up for CCR-time college visits here:

November 20 is the the late registration deadline for the December 12th ACT! (Fee applies)

Go to to register. See Ms. Colbert for help if needed.

2015-16 ACT dates & registration deadlines*:

The next ACT is December 12 - late registration deadline is Nov. 20 (late fee).

Additional test dates this school year:

  • February 6, 2016 (registration deadline January 8)
  • All Kentucky juniors will take the ACT in March. There will be no other March ACT.
  • April 9, 2016 (registration deadline March 4)
  • June 11, 2016 (registration deadline May 6)

*There is a late-registration window past these deadlines, but a late fee applies.

Need to be reminded of CCR dates and events? Join the CCR Center Remind group!

A CCR Primer

CCR = College and career readiness (as measured by test scores and/or certifications).

To be considered college ready in Kentucky, a student must earn an 18 on the English portion of the ACT, a 19 in math, and a 20 in reading - or the equivalent scores on the COMPASS or KYOTE. Taking the ACT is mandatory for all Kentucky juniors. Students that receive free or reduced lunch, can take the ACT two more times for free - the waivers are available in the Guidance office. *Please note: you can be successful in college even if you have not met your benchmarks. Make an appointment with Ms. Colbert if you're concerned that you might not be college material - no matter how low your scores are.

To be considered career-ready in Kentucky, a student must meet both academic and technical requirements. The technical requirements are measured by the KOSSA assessment or an industry certification. Talk to your advocate, your guidance counselor, or Ms. Colbert to make sure you're on track to be career ready. DCHS career pathways will be featured in a future issue of Panther Ready.

About DCHS College & Career Readiness Center

The CCR Center is where students, teachers, parents, and professionals meet to help students dream big and design pathways to a happy, healthy, giving, and prosperous future! Located at the intersection of the business and English wings. Pop in, or email me to make an appointment.