Austin Bell D1 Soccer Camp

Go from nothing to something!

Open to all male soccer players ages 8-17

The price of the camp is $5,000 per camper, this price is downsized by the fact that your child will get a full-ride D1 athletic soccer scholarship after learning from Austin.

Austin Bell Legend Camp

Tuesday, Sep. 8th 2015 at 4am to Wednesday, Sep. 9th 2015 at 4am

62 Laconwood Dr. @ the Bell's backyard soccer complex

Turn your lackluster kid into a D1 soccer all star in just 24 hours.


4:00- Check in

4:30- Warm up for 5 minutes cause that's how Austin Bell does it

4:35- High intensity sprints

6:00 Keep away drills

8:00 Meal Break

9:00 3v3 tournament

12:00 Speech

2:00 small-sided games

4:00 Meal Break

6:00 Full-sided games

8:00 All star game

10:00 Speech

11:00 Juggling techniques

12:00 Watch Austin's illustrious highlights

1:00 Meal break

2:00 Rock Paper Scissors tournament

3: Checkout and pick up camp items