Sepak Takraw

It is a game involving three players per side and the object is to volley a woven ball over the net into the opponents court using any part of the body except the hands or arms. Each team is allowed three contacts with the ball to get it over the net. Unlike the similar game concept of volleyball, in takraw one player may take more than one contact consecutively. The length of the game varies. Matches are won by winning 2 out of 3 sets. One set is 15 points. The third set, if necessary is played to only 6 points and is referred to as a "tie-breaker". Unfortunately, the game is not as popular as it is in Malaysia and Thailand.

Galasin (Pole Salt)

The game mainly played on the badminton court, for convenient reason since almost every school in Indonesia has badminton court. Some said that the name Galasin derived from the the old days practise of using pole or salt to draw the lines. There are 4 horizontal and 1 vertical, each line is guarded by one player. Your opponent have to start from the first horizontal line and pass through the fourth and then go back to the first line to score 1 point and restart the game, in doing that they shouldn't be touched by any of the guards. The guards have to be on their lines. The vertical guard is used to prevent the movement from left half and right half of the court. The player can not go out of the court to pass the guard (sometimes it is allowed if one foot still inside the court), otherwise the touched rule applies, which resulted in their team having to do the guarding.

Pencak Silat

SIlat is an Indonesian native martial art, and Pencak silat is an umbrella term for the indigenous Marital art created in Indonesia. The leading Organization of pencak silat in Indonesia is IPSI (Ikatan Pencak Silat Indonesia meaning Organization for Indonesian Pencak Silat). The liaison body for international pencak silat is the International Pencak Silat Association or PERSILAT. There is many perguruan (schools) and styles of pencak silat in Indonesia. Pencak silat has become one of sporting event in Pekan Olahraga and Southeast Asia Games with Indonesia as appear as one of the leading force in this sport. This martial art sport is also popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


Polo and other equestrian sports have a deep history in Indonesia, dating back to 1930s in the era of Dutch settlement. Once the effects of 1998 economic crisis faded away, this equestrian sport, especially polo gained recognition and excitement among Indonesia's polo, equestrian and sports enthusiasts.

In Indonesia, polo is governed by the Indonesian Polo Association which stands together with PP. PORDASI under KONI. The Indonesian Polo Team represented Indonesia in the 2007 South East Asian Games in Thailand and had good results in South East Asian regional competitions. Indonesia only has one polo field at Nusantara Polo Club.