Showing Perserverance

Randy Anicacio

People Who Showed Persiverance

Many people you might know have shown perseverance through their past lives for example Jackie Robinson. He had to play with a team that hated him just for his skin color.

But he got through any way because he did not give up.Those are people who show perseverance.

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Jackie Robinson's Life of How He Battled to Perseverance (description)

Jackie Robinson was the first black Major League Baseball Player. What was tough for Jackie was that he always had Adversities and problems because he was the first black male to play MLB . Worst part of all he was in a white team and was in a time period were the colored didn't have rights. while playing there has been rumors that people threw the ball straight at Jackie and that his team mates spiked him on the feet. It is true that people taunted him and were racist against him. He felt like quiting the team but the coach wanted to keep him so Jackie was inspired to not give up. Couple months later and hes broken many records and has helped people win rights. That's how he showed persiverance.
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Eleanor Roosevelt and her way to perseverance (chronological/sequence)

Eleanor was called ugly by her parent and was not treated the same way as her other sisters. Her father past which really affected her because he was basically the only one that truly loved her. First, she left to a boarding school were she was accepted by others.Then, She left Boarding school and found a husband. Next, She had children which died at an young age.
Then, her husband catched the polio disease and caused his legs to be parylized.
Later on, her husband sadly passed away but Eleanor resolved and moved on to her life.
she then started to travel to various states and countries to inspire many people.
She was insisted to be part of the United States freedom speech.
Lastly, she Unfortunately passed on November 7, 1962 and was buried next to her husband.
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Winston Churchill (Problem/Solution)

British were in a tough time in this specific time, a time were war was happening, World war II to be exact. One problem they had was that they were poorly armed armed and they barley had any supplies. Luckily the U.S helped them out with more weapons and better supplies.When giving a speech, Winston had to inspire the students to be happy and be thankful. He also told them to never yield and to never give up.

This Explains The Differences and similarities between Nadja Salerno and Jackie Robinson

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This Shows a step by step of Eleanor Roosevelt's life

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This is Orphans who rode a train to find a new home also known as the Orphan Trains

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Orphan Train (Description)

Orphans were abandoned, their parents died, it was tough to be a orphan because a child has to Idle with their parents. If they found you on the streets begging for money they will make you go to the train. Some were exited to find a new home, some were hoping to see their parents at the stop, and others were not happy to find a new family. If you had a brother or sister with you, be expected to split because if you live together you would be considered lucky. Living in the train was terrible too, if you misbehaved you would miss your meal. As if finding a new home wasn't hard enough, you don't know if you're going to have strict parents who make you work all day or have parents who love you and hug you.

The Lesson I Have learned About Perseverance

I've learned many things past this project for example, any one can be an inspiring person, they don't have to be famous nor do they have be special. hey just have to be brave, tough to go tough hard times, to not give up. I have also learned to not give up on what people say to you. Just inspire good to the world.